Top 5 of the Best Games For Android You Have Never Played

games for android

In case you’re searching for the best new recreations accessible in the Google Play Store, you’ve gone to the opportune spot.

We refresh this rundown at whatever point another amusement turns out that is deserving of being added to this rundown, so you’ll generally think about the best in class recreations.

Regardless of whether you’re new to Android and need some new, new recreations to begin working out your Google Play library or just searching for the most recent stylish amusements that are deserving of your time and consideration, these are the best Android diversions as of December 2018!


It’s truly amazing how well PUBG Mobile plays on Android. This is an enormous PvP fight royale amusement that pits 100 players against one another on a huge island stacked with weapons, ammunition, strategic apparatus, and vehicles.

You drop in as a performance player or as a component of a group and should utilize all your best aptitudes to bring down your adversaries until you’re the last man standing.

games for android

It’s not unfathomable for a prevalent PC or comfort discharge to discover its approach to Android, yet you’ll be shocked at how well PUBG plays on a cell phone.

The designers have made it less demanding for versatile players to get and oversee things, and have likewise included bots in the most reduced positions to help slip players into the amusement experience.

Bluetooth controller backing would be a pleasant expansion, yet the touch controls are the absolute best I’ve seen for a shooter on a portable.

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Brawl Star

It’s been bound to happen, however Brawl Stars has at long last been propelled universally in the Google Play Store. It really is great, as well, since it implies I can incorporate it in our last wrap up of the best rounds of 2018.

Created by Supercell, Brawl Stars is a quickly paced field brawler that is not normal for most different amusements on the Play Store. It’s a takeoff from the Clash of Clans universe that has made Supercell an easily recognized name and rather gives players a chance to collaborate in a MOBA amusement that separates itself from others in the class with it’s a vivid and cartoony look that is upheld by extraordinary ongoing interaction assortment.

games for android

There are various diversion modes accessible, which pivot each couple of hours so there’s continually something new to play at whatever point you sign into the application. These modes include:

Jewel Grab: groups gather pearls which bring forth at the focal point of the guide, and the principal group to gather and hold at least 10 diamonds for 15 seconds win

Heist: groups must protect their safe of diamonds while deliberately assaulting the other group’s sheltered.

Standoff: a Battle Royale mode with up to 10 players that is accessible for solo players or pairs.

games for android

Abundance: groups fight to gather stars which are earned by slaughter rivals. The more murders you get without biting the dust the greater the star abundance all alone head.

Fight Ball: a soccer coordinate highlighting the Brawl Stars cast. The principal group to score two objectives wins.

Robo Rumble: a time-sensitive unique occasion where groups of three interpretation of wave after the flood of robot adversaries that incorporate manager robots with high hitpoints and harm.

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In view of the Rooster Teeth Animation arrangement RWBY — which, I’ll concede, I had never known about — RWBY: Amity Arena has ended up being a famous and very much planned continuous procedure tower resistance MOBA in the indistinguishable vein from Clash Royale.

At its center, it’s a two-path brawler where you will likely obliterate your adversaries’ towers as quick as conceivable by putting down troop cards on the front line. Characters and animals depend on the RWBY universe, yet again you don’t should be acquainted with the source material to appreciate this diversion.

Matches most recent three minutes and highlight a great harmony between the diverse troop types. This implies winning will come down to a system and timing your assaults something other than spamming troops down onto the front line. You can pick between playing a match only for no particular reason or attempting to improve your worldwide position in positioned matches, so there’s something for both easygoing players and progressively focused players.

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It’s elusive a fun riddle amusement that doesn’t attempt to move you on catalysts or additional lives or something.

That is only one reason why Holedown is a champion diversion in 2018. Holedown will have you deliberately impacting through profoundly of divine bodies — beginning with space rocks and stirring your way up to the Sun — utilizing the exemplary gaming equation of ricocheting balls off squares. Every block has a number that speaks to the number of hits expected to pulverize it, or you can annihilating a supporting square get out everything above it.

This is a pickup and play diversion that is a simple idea to get a handle on yet you rapidly realize there’s a measure of system and aptitude included. Every one of the blocks is bent, enabling you to set up precarious bank shots to get out gigantic segments of squares in one go. This will turn out to be very essential as the screen climb one line after each shot. In the event that the squares achieve the highest point of the screen, it’s amusement over.

En route, you will gather precious stones which you spend on overhauls that give you more balls per shot, and more shots per round. These redesigns are essential to finishing the later planets yet, in addition, let the before levels turn out to be all the more a careless diversion for your tram drive. Everything considered, it won’t take you excessively long to maximize all your details in Holedown, yet that is for the most part since it’s so difficult to quit playing this diversion once you begin.


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It additionally enables you to downsize the illustrations so you can appreciate smooth interactivity notwithstanding when playing on a more seasoned gadget.

In the event that you have a more up to date gadget, wrench those settings to the maximum and appreciate a standout amongst the most attractive versatile diversions I’ve played in a drawn-out period of time.

PUBG Mobile in some way or another conveys all the epic minutes you’d expect the PC diversion downsized impeccably for cell phones.

The best part is that it’s allowed to play and highlights four one of a kind maps to browse alongside numerous diversion mode and your decision of playing in first-or third-individual view. Get your squad together, and I’ll see you on the battlegrounds

games for android



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