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DirecTV subscribers can subscribe to the amazing Google TV service. Google TV brings subscribers TV programming, web content, on demand movies and many more. It is a joint venture by Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech. It is actually a smart TV platform for set top boxes and HDTVs based on the Android operating system. By adding Google TV to DirecTV satellite service, subscribers can access web content right on the TV screen along with other TV shows. But to access this service, subscribers have to fulfill a few requirements in terms of devices, set up and so on. This article gives a brief account on the ways to access this TV on DirecTV.

DirecTV satellite service works with Google TV and Google TV devices. This include devices from Logitech Revue and Sony. Apart from the devices, subscribers have to arrange a few other requirements to access Google TV on TV screen. The requirements are as given below.

  • A broadband Internet service
  • An HD-DVR or HD receiver
  • An HDMI cable to connect the HD-DVR or HD receiver to the Google TV or Smart TV device.
  • A router with an available port or a wireless router.

The above requirements can be easily fulfilled. But for the Google TV or Smart TV devices, subscribers should go for devices from Logitech Revue or Sony. Below is given a small explanation on these devices and the required connections.

Devices from Logitech Revue: There are a number of Logitech Revue devices that can be used to access Google TV in various ways. However two devices are mainly needed. They are:

  • Logitech Revue companion Box
  • Logitech Revue Keyboard Controller

The Companion Box integrates the satellite set top box, TV and Internet service. The home Internet service, the HD-DVR or HD receiver and the TV have to connected to the Logitech Revue Companion box. As noted above, HDMI cable have to be used to connect the HD-DVR or HD receiver to the Logitech Revue Companion box. On the other hand, subscribers can connect the home Internet service to the Companion box by using either a router or wireless router. But Logitech Revue devices are compatible with certain models of DirecTV HD-DVR or HD receivers. Some of them are actually HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, H20, H21, H23, H24, R16.

After the connections, if subscribers are unable to control the DirecTV satellite receiver then they should check the receiver's set up. Sometimes receivers are set up to receive only radio frequency signal. In that case the receiver needs to be set to receive infrared (IR) signals. To change the receiver subscribers have to follow the steps given below.

  • On the original DIRECTV remote press the Menu button.
  • From the Menu press Select on Settings.
  • Select Remote from the left menu.
  • Press Select on the IR / RF Setup button.
  • Use the Up or Down arrows to change from RF to IR.
  • Press Select to save

It is important to note that the Revue should be able to control the DirecTV receiver to access this tv feature. There are a number of other devices from Logitech Revue that enhances subscribers' TV viewing experience.

Devices from Sony: Subscribers of DirecTV can access this via two products from Sony. They are:

  • Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV
  • Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player powered by Google TV

The Blu-ray Disc player is an improvised form of the Internet TV and is mostly used by people. The set up is very simple. Subscribers have to connect their HD-DVR or HD receiver with the Internet TV Blu-ray Disc player using HDMI cables. They have to further connect the TV and Internet service to the set up. Apart from these, subscribers should have a Google account as it is a unified sign-in system that gives access to free Google services, including iGoogle, Gmail email services, Google Groups, Picasa Web album and many more. Subscribers can access all these benefits on their TV screens.

From above explanation it is clear that DirecTV subscribers can access this amazing feature on their TVs by following a few simple steps. They can have the Google TV devices from either Logitech Revue or Sony. But as a matter of fact the devices from Logitech Revue are mostly used by people. The Sony lacks the built-in IR emitters of the Revue and also the keyboard controller of Logitech Revue is better than the remotes provided by Sony. All kinds of subscribers of DirecTV can opt Google TV. The Google TV devices are available at affordable prices. The Google TV service thus renders great entertainment as well as web access on big TV screens. This is a great experience on part of subscribers.

Source by Michael Alam

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