How My Friend Got Back At Telemarketer Unwanted Calls

You should have heard me, I laughed so hard the entire place stopped talking and wanted to hear what was so dang funny. You see, I was sitting a happy hour watching some sports talking to a friend about these obnoxious telemarketing calls I keep getting day in and day out. He told me he loved the telemarketing calls, because when he got their caller ID, he’d call them back and ask to talk to someone, then pretend to be interested, then lay a trap for them, one they’d never forget, and a little trick that might even cost them a little bit of their sense of hearing for the day.

Here is what he told me. He said he went to the Sporting Goods store and bought one of those plug into the wall to charge Fog Horns, the super loud kind. Then put it at his desk, call the number, get a supervisor on the phone from the telemarketing company, then explain that he wanted them to “listen closely” to what he was about to say. Once they confirmed they were listening, he put his air horn up to the phone and put in his own ear plugs and let it rip.

He too told me that often the same caller ID came in multiple times and he’d call back disguising his voice each day and do the same thing – big air horn! “Eventually, guess what?” he said, “They blocked my calls!” And, he explained “fair is fair, they started it, they wanted to play games, fine two can play at the obnoxious phone call game!”

I went to the store to find me an air horn, but settled for a VERY LOUD whistle instead, I tried it today, “Hoorah” that was so much fun, I put the whistle right up to the phone and blew as hard as possible right into the phone. It worked, they hung up, but I sincerely hope they call back again, I can’t wait for round two. Incidentally, I saw a used “Train Horn” on Craigslist, yes, I am tempted to go and purchase it, if these telemarketers keep it up.

How do I justify my stance on this issue? Simple, horns and whistles are a form of communication; a warning if you will. Well, I am simply warning them that I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST, since they obviously do not understand English. Please consider this and tell me of your strategy to defeat telemarketers who harass you?

Source by Lance Winslow

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