HTC Dash Software Downloads and Images

Read a post last week regarding getting pictures off of an HTC Dash.

Step 1: Here's what I did without the benefit of being able to use the software from HTC that came with the phone. I had problems with reading the software disc, it needed a flash player I could not get to work. Since I could not get the auto-play to work I went directly to Microsoft and searched for the Active-Sync software download. Once downloaded and installed, I could sync my Dash.

Step 2: Once the Activesync software is installed, one can now explore the drive on the Dash or find files on the external memory card if one is present.

Tip: I have had complaints from fellow Dash users saying that finding files is difficult too. I found that the file hierarchy is difficult to understand and cumbersome but not impossible. The thing that I found helpful is to simply bypass the entire hierarchy and create my own on the external memory card. That way I know exactly where I have put everything and I can find what I am looking for either by using the "explore" function provided by the Activesync software, or right on the handset by opening the storage card folder on the HTC Dash. This way my files can be managed almost like on a PC. Changing the views on the Dash could have helped in keeping track of where things are, not to mention the default for saving documents is to the device and not to the card. That has to be changed in order to help manage things like voice notes, word docs and pictures.

Source by P. George Day

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